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In light of the global fashion situation, which is harming the planet, and on the contrary, people which are changing their ways of living, acting and eating. I chose to create a design service for people of all age, which are aware of the global fashion pollution, and ready to change they way of buying clothes.
As for the technology, seeing the use people have with their phone, and also the fast development of this product. I chose to develop a mobile application. Useful anywhere, anytime. Allowing you to use it on shops, but also thanks to an internet plug-in extension, use it while you online shop.

End of Study Project



"Slow is fashionable"
End of study project based on the sustainable fashion accessibility.

SUAVE is a mobile application which allows you to scan the barcode of a clothing item and access its predefined sustainable index.
Knowing where, and how the clothing item have been made. Who sew it, what is the fabric used, and much more.

In order to go further, I decided to right my thesis on the sustainable fashion: "Raising the awarness on the concept of sustainable fashion and assist on this process"
1. History of fashion
2 Fast-fashion VS Slow-fashion
3. Act slow fashion

I printed this thesis on recycled paper and I create a handmade binding.

Available online here.

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